[Cuckold] Reddit Gonewildaudio Megapack 1 571 Erotic Roleplay Audios Size: 3.04 GB

This pack includes 110 hours of erotic audio pulled from /r/gonewildaudio. The files average 12 minutes each and while some are simple recordings of women masturbating or getting head and moaning, most feature some kind of roleplay fantasy.
They’re all organised in the form (username) – (title) (tags), so you can do a search for ‘anal’, ‘hypnosis’, ‘JOI’, and other fun stuff.
The clear standout here, if you’re asking me, is BadGirlUK. She’s got 62 scenes in here and a majority are genuinely depraved — a mother pimping her daughter to her husband and ordering her to stop crying, a woman so fixated on cum that she starts scoping neighbourhood dogs, a woman watching her father fuck his mistress, a confessor trying to make her priest prematurely ejaculate.
Then you’ve got a bunch of novelty audios about being seduced by daleks or vampires, some girls talking dirty in foreign languages, some heavier stuff about a woman regaling the story of her rape only to start crying as the listener starts masturbating to it, some April Fool’s jokes and erotic poetry/rapping. Definitely no lack of variety.
It’s pure audio, so this is the closest thing you’re going to get to screenshots.

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